Seminars By Mark Wosgerau for Tattoo artist | Mark Wosgerau


I have spent more than 10 years to create a skillset that allows me to create unique tattoos with visuals unlike anyone else. I am honored that my art draws in guests from everywhere in the world, and it puts a smile on my face every week, when you guys choose to take a plane to Denmark only to collect a piece of art from me. I have a tremendous amount of respect towards imprinting my art into my guests. For them to have for all eternity, I take the responsibility very serious and push myself 100% with every single tattoo in order to deliver life lasting quality art. I love to hear your stories, getting inspired by all the cultures ending up in my studio, and the life you have had. You are amazing, you are art.


Through the past 10 years, I’ve mediated my art and visualization through tattooing. I am the founder of one of the most respected, high-end and exclusive tattoo studios in Denmark, Sinners Inc. Through my tutorials, I will teach you the techniques it requires to take your skillset to the next level. Due to my experience in the industry, I’ve gotten to resident at Bang Bang NYC as a guest tattoo artist numerous of times. Through my years in the industry, I’ve gotten to unfold my style of black & gray realism on a numerous of well known people, but also just ordinary people like you, who travel across the globe from countries like Australia and USA to come visit me and get my art perpetuated on their bodies.